Our Mission

handshake-recruiting1PPP is headed by aggressive, knowledgeable, and spirited people who put customer service first. We will build a relationship with your company, knowing the ins and outs so that we can place the talent that will best fit your company needs. Customer satisfaction comes first with us. We believe that our clients and candidates deserve over the top service so we work tirelessly to meet those standards. We are supported¬† by one of the most comprehensive back office teams in the country giving PPP the power and capabilities to meet the needs of any company, small or large. It is our mission to provide the resources and talent to help your company grow and become as prosperous as it can be. Let us take on your employment HR headaches and liabilities so that you can have more time focusing on what is important, being productive and making money. As your company grows, our company grows! “Our business is your business”