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Joining Forces with TFI Resources

TFI-bannerParks Professional Placements, LLC is joining forces with TFI Resources( out of Houston, Texas. TFI is a national, back office service provider offering a full range of support services to recruiters in the temporary, contract, and permanent placement industry. TFI began operations in 1993 and has become the nations largest provider of back office services developed specifically for the staffing industry. Since inception, TFI has helped hundreds of independent recruiters/staffing companies expand their services, assist their client companies, and earn significant additional income. TFI provides payroll funding and a full range of back office services including payroll processing, invoicing, tax reporting, insurance, credit analysis, and collection assistance.

Outsourcing versus Insourcing

image001Outsourcing versus Insourcing, which is best for you? 

Outsourcing is a well-known concept today. It simply means to disperse job duties to outside, nonaffiliated companies on an as-needed basis or for a flat monthly fee. This practice has been accepted and implemented by many companies as a cost-saving tactic to off-load competencies to other low-cost countries.  The outsourcing market has been expanding rapidly for two reasons: bigger domestic talent pools exist outside tier-one cities and the use of videoconferencing and web meetings makes it easy to communicate from any location.

Are you paying the best salary to your employees?

Are you paying the best salary to your employees?

Let’s face it, money can be a touchy subject.  Most employees usually want or need more money.  The issue is so sensitive that many candidates interviewing for a job are hesitant to reveal their current income for fear of overselling or underselling what they are worth.  Government and non-profit agencies often institute an established salary structure with a job description and salary range for their positions. In contrast, public companies may not have established salary structures; so where can a prospective employer look to compare salaries and be competitive within the market?

How to Attract the Most Qualified Candidate

Jen Roe-Mutz - 2


Hiring Solutions By: Jennifer Roe-Mutz(Recruiting Manager)


Take the time and resources to attract the most qualified candidate.  Bad hires cost dearly. This is why investing in the interview process with the right skills and tools can make your company succeed by hiring the most qualified employees. Follow these steps to make the best hiring solution.