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Resume and cover letter assistance

Cathy -“I greatly appreciate you bring to my attention the issue with my resume and cover letter.  You don’t often get that from employers.  Anything I can do to help better myself or my resume I am willing to do. I also thank you for saying you would take a look at the corrected resume and cover letter to better assist me.  I am forwarding that information to you at this time.”


“Stephanie has been wonderful in helping me with negotiation for New Positions as I joined new companies and making informed decisions in my quest for which opportunity to take. Always willing to answer questions and help to go the extra mile. I have also sent he a few people in the past whom she has helped place into positions. Stephanie is the only person I go to when I am in the market for a new position and I let everyone I know who is in the same position know about her!!!”


“Stephanie is the type of recruiter that goes beyond the skills and qualifications on paper. She sought to gain an understanding of the type of culture and management environment in which I would thrive – making my acceptance of a job offer great for her client and great for me. I absolutely love my job and couldn’t be happier! It truly is the best fit for my background, my personality, and my career goals.”