5 Ways to Hire: What Hiring Managers Need To Know

Did you ever wonder how to hire and what approach to take?  Since it’s important as a hiring manager to understand the different ways of staffing, having 5 options should help you make that decision:

5 Ways To Hire

  • Contract |Temp
  • Contract-To-Hire | Temp-To-Hire
  • Permanent | Full-Time
  • Payrolling
  • Online Advertising


Contract | Temp

Are there times where you have a need for a substitute employee when someone is out of the office for 1-day to even months at a time?  Staffing Firms can fill that need by providing a temporary or contract employee to cover the duties of that position opening.  Most of the reasoning’s company’s look for this is due to someone leaving on leave, whether for maternity, disability, short-term, long-term, or vacation.

Another reason businesses look for a contractor is due to have a special project that needs to get accomplished within a deadline period of time.  Computer migrations, setting up PC’s, Tax Season, and many others.

Some need a temp to get “caught up” on work, so they hire a temp to take over other duties of theirs so they can get more pressing needs accomplished.  So they hire a temp for filing, data entry, and other office needs.

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Contract-To-Hire, Temp-To-Hire

Most of the time this is referred to as “Try Before You Buy”.  Most businesses that have had high turnover or haven’t had the “right fit” for their job opening, choose this option.  Some businesses choose this to not have any “strings” attached in what it takes to hiring an employee and maintaining their taxes, workers comp, in case they get hurt on the job, SUTA, FUTA, benefits, including, health, dental & vision, vacation time, and it won’t effect their unemployment rating.  They can have the employee work on their premises while receiving their paycheck from the employment agency or third party.

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Permanent, Full-Time

Some people refer to this as Permanent placement, Executive Placement or Full-Time Placement.  It can get quite confusing because some candidates perceive the wording Full-Time as Full-Time hours, normally 40-hours per week, versus Part-Time Hours, usually 20-25 hours per week.  And some perceive it as for what it really is, full-time, permanent employment.

Permanent placement is chosen because the client is wanting to hire on a Full-Time employee to take the place of another employee that was laid off, terminated, voluntarily left their position or got promoted.  This option usually takes place of a position that is already accounted for where there was someone in the position prior.  The other reasoning is due to an expansion within the company or department.  So it would be a brand new job opening and they need to fill that opening with a permanent employee.

This means the company is willing to take on the payrolling, the SUTA & FUTA taxes, workers comp,  salary, benefits, vacation and sick leave, and the on-boarding process of background checks, drug screens, paperwork processing, etc.

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Payrolling, Leasing Employees

This option is not well-know in the staffing industry.  Some know it as “leasing employees”.  There are two reasoning’s of why you would want to choose this option.

1)      If you currently have an employee or employees that you are finding yourself having to lay off due to budget cuts and cost, then this option would be for you.  You will keep them in their same position and payroll them through the Staffing Firm.  The Staffing Firm would then take on their taxes, workers comp, benefits and you, the company, would cover their hourly or salary pay only.

2)      If you know of a person you want to hire, but you want to try them out before you bring them on as a permanent employee, then this would be another cause for payrolling.  Staffing Firms decrease the cost to you because it alleviates the Recruiter from having to “source” a candidate for you.  So you can payroll them through the Staffing Firm as long as you would like, as if the person is on contract.

Payrolling can be used with having or needing employees of any size from one or more.

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Online Advertising

Some companies just want to advertise their job and not utilize recruitment services.  This is the lowest package that is offered.  Your companies job would be advertised on multiple online job boards and websites, which include: JuJu, Glassdoor.com, SimplyHired, Facebook, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Monster, Indeed and Twitter.  There is only a one time flat fee charge, per job, per 30-day period.  Recruit as many candidates as you like with one click of a button.  The Account Manager is able to manage it for you or you can manage it yourself, whichever you choose.

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